One Billion Rising Flagstaff

One in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime.  When applied to our current world population this sad statistic equates to the staggering number of one billion people.

Here at BellyRoles we ask: how can we manifest our highest potential when over half the world's population is subject to gender-based violence?  What actions can we take to heal the legacies of trauma?  One of the answers to these questions is our support of One Billion Rising.

Members of the Flagstaff community have been participating in One Billion Rising, the global movement to end violence against girls and women, since the movement's inception in 2013.  In Flagstaff, our risings so far have focused on embodiment, dance, free classes, and community-based performance of "Break the Chain," the dance choreographed by Debbie Allen that has been performed by countless women, men, and children in 207+ countries throughout the world.



Flagstaff Rising has become a transformative force for healing.  Diverse groups of people have joined this movement, including Indigenous youth, homeless youth, survivors of sexual and domestic violence, professionals, nonprofits, FALA students, NAU students, the mayor of Flagstaff, and members of our dance and music community.

"Thank you for what you do. You will never know what a pivotal role your dance class for the flash mob played in my daughter's healing. I will be forever grateful." -

1BR Flagstaff Participant and Domestic Violence Survivor

We welcome people of all ages, genders, races, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds to expand, support, and magnify our risings.  Please contact Hilary at to particpate.






One Billion Rising Flash Mob - Flagstaff, February 9, 2013