Welcome to BellyRoles:

BellyRoles began in 2006 as a platform for my exploration of body image and Bellydance.  In the years since, BellyRoles has metamorphosed into a being dedicated to transformation, healing, community, and creation.  BellyRoles encompasses many people, projects, performances, organizations, and ideas; the heart of our work celebrates human beauty and sovereignty.

The Great Turning

We are in the midst of a time anticipated by many cultures for millenia, often referred to as The Great Turning. This time ushers in a new developmental phase in which we are remembering how to harmonize with Mother Earth and re-establish balance with masculine and feminine energies. Women throughout the world are embracing their bodies, beauty, and sovereignty to create the healing and collective empowerment that is needed now.  Men are transforming the limited roles prescribed by patriarchy to become strong allies, partners, and protectors of Life.

The power of women's healing, unfolding, and leadership is an unstoppable force.  BellyRoles is here to bear witness to and participate in this process.  Our work has its origin in the ancient art of bellydance.  From this foundation we re-inhabit the body, empower sacred feminine essence, examine systems of privilege and oppression, understand legacies of historical trauma, practice earth-based spirituality, re-member balance and reciprocity, write, share, and speak.

Tribal Style Bellydance and the Present Moment

My background is in Tribal Style Bellydance - a modern, fusion-based art form influenced by traditional women’s dances of the Middle East, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.  Tribal Style blends music, movement, and costuming elements from various places and times to create an aesthetic that is intriguing and earthy.  The most important element distinguishing Tribal Style apart from other forms is its basis in group improvisation rather than choreography.

Tribal Style Bellydance has informed and cross-pollinated all of the work of BellyRoles.  I see it as a dance that belongs to no one and to everyone, in our various ages, cycles, shapes, sizes, cultures, and colors; a modern interpretation of ancient, sacred dance that is the birthright of Woman.  During my journey with this dance, I have seen it inspire passionate creativity, hone intuition, strengthen bodies, build bridges between cultures, reveal clarity, heal trauma, empower body image, facilitate birth and postpartum healing, infuse friendships and enliven community.  I have also seen it become a catalyst for the painful closure that often precedes transformation and growth.  Tribal Style Bellydance is a powerful force; I am grateful to be a conduit for its expression and development.

I invite you to explore the site and all the facets of BellyRoles.

Many blessings,

HilaryBellyRoles Founder and Creative Director