Maeve Rising Dance Collective


Marcy Roof

Ten years ago I danced to discover my womanhood and to embrace confidence in my own skin.  This all still rings true but if you asked me why I dance right this moment, I say hold your sisters close.  What started as a self-esteem boost turned into a dance circle of lifelong friends and sisters whom I am my true authentic self with.  The layers keep shedding.  What a gift.



Heather Levin

Tribal belly dance has been a transformation journey of evolution and connection. Through this dance I have found the ability to release and evolve my heart, my mind, my creativity and my understanding of life. This dance has been the vessel to my connection with my own body, my connection to other women and my connection to the great earth energy. Throughout this experience I have grown a Deep respect for each creative moment that I have been blessed with and I am appreciative for every beautiful relationship that has developed throughout this journey. The powerful act of women dancing, sharing and moving towards one collective direction and thought is empowering and life changing.  I seek to share this knowledge and be part of the source of inspiration for new sisterhoods that are being born from the simple acts of love, awareness, & appreciation!

Hilary Giovale

As Creative Director for Maeve Rising Dance Collective, I want our dance and performance to empower ourselves and others.  I consider myself lucky to have three talented muses and co-creators in this journey.  We strive to create an aesthetic that portrays strong feminine archetypes and earthy, juicy stories.  I believe these artistic expressions of sisterhood, inclusive beauty, and community are needed to create the world we want to see.



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A Maeve Rising performance at Center for Indigenous Music and Culture, 2015: