Hilary's classes include stretches and movement from the Gypsy Caravan format, as well as embodiment practice, meditation, community building, and body image empowerment. The curriculum is cumulative, reviewing and building on what we have learned in the previous class.

Beginning classes are designed for first-time students of bellydance and those who want a thorough breakdown of the basic steps. This class is an introduction to Tribal Style; we have fun while learning good technique. Most people take multiple sessions of this class before they feel ready for Intermediate.

Intermediate classes are for students who have achieved a level of comfort with Beginning material. In Intermediate, we add more information about music, and more movements, improvisation, and zils.

The Advanced Troupe class is for dancers who have achieved proficiency with Beginning and Intermediate movements. In this class we add complex improvisational formations, zil patterns, and combinations.. By instructor invitation.

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Attire for all classes: Bare feet, stretchy pants or a long, very full skirt, scarf for your hips, belly covered or bare (your choice!)


Hilary is available to teach a variety of workshops in Flagstaff and beyond, such as:

Beauty and the Belly: experience how bellydance empowers girls and women to love their bodies!

Embodying the Goddess: an interdisciplinary workshop using meditation, discussion, journaling, and bellydance to take you on an inner journey of self-discovery.

Bellydance for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Recovery: learn stretches and movements that help facilitate each phase on your path to motherhood.

Sassy Skirts: Add variety to your repetoire with my fun, flirtatious, and fabulous skirt combinations.

Belly Dance Bootie Camp: drill muscle isolations, layers, and exercises aimed to strengthen the muscles we use in dance.

Retreats: Hilary is available for the interdisciplinary retreats of Healing with Earth and Sky Project and the Art of Feminine Transformation.

Contact Hilary for more information: or (928) 380-1055