At this time of the Great Turning, circles of people are shaping the emerging human paradigm by coming together with intention and purpose!

~The Art of Feminine Transformation~

with Hilary Giovale and Friends

Hands and Shells

This retreat is an interdisciplinary collaboration bringing together diverse groups of people to awaken our vision, bodies, and collective power through circle, inquiry/deep listening, trauma theory, healing ritual, visioning, art, movement, tribal bellydance, celebration, and mutual support.  Each session is tailored to the needs and interests of specific groups.  Some of the groups who have participated in The Art of Feminine Transformation workshops include survivors of sexual and domestic violence, indigenous youth and elders, farmers, medical professionals, nonprofit staff and program directors, high school and graduate students, dancers, and artists.

We are living in a system of vast economic disparity. Thus, payment is available on a sliding scale and scholarships are available for low-income participants.

What participants have said about this program:

"I liked the support offered to release trauma in a safe way. I trust the facilitators."

"I loved the energy and creativity.  At the end of the workshop I felt a strong sense of myself."

"Thank you for creating and holding space for communal sharing and healing.  I would recommend this workshop because I felt acceptance of all and our communal power."

"I loved the ritual to open and close the circle with blessings.  What timely topics and beneficial exercises."

"I liked the meditations and sharing stories.  Women need more of this kind of support!"

"I was unsure of what to expect but this workshop opened my eyes and I gained a lot from it."

"At the end of this workshop I feel empowered, loved and happy!  I really loved hearing everyone's voices."

"After this workshop I feel one step closer to emotional health.  It was safe and supportive."

"I would recommend this workshop to a friend.  It teaches the power of true feminism."

"I became aware of our deeper connection as women.  I feel part of a beautiful whole."

"This workshop made me feel empowered, embraced, and accepted."

"We live in a world full of unrealistic expectations and false images. It's an every day challenge to stay centered and truly love and accept who we are. Experiencing The Art of Feminine Transformation brought me so much closer to feeling my inner beauty and realizing that we are all the same."

""The body portrait exercise awakened a forgotten memory of owning my creativity and the desire/passion to express myself I know the door is open and inviting to my creative powers!"

"I experienced connecting as one through listening and gazing into each other's eyes."

Join us in co-creating peace, justice, and healing from the inside out.

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