About Hilary's Teaching:

"Belly Dance entered my life as an unexpected blessing.  I met Hilary at a support group meeting for survivors of domestic violence where she taught group members Belly Dance as a pathway to heal from trauma.  Hilary described the Sacred history of Belly Dance, and after moving my body to the earliest-taught movements, I knew that Belly Dance was the exact medicine I needed to heal my feminine spirit."

I began taking introductory classes where I met several other women with whom I've developed a Sacred Bond.  I could not have imagined that Belly Dance would enrich my life in so many ways:  It has brought me into close relationship with the Divine Feminine Essence, it is healing wounds to my womanhood from a history of violence and objectification, it has led to sisterhood connections with powerful, inspiring women, and it has been a fun, beautiful practice of discovering and celebrating my power.  Belly Dance has become a spiritual practice for me.  I am so grateful to Hilary and my dancing sisters for the gift of dance."  AJ

"Hilary's class is a highlight of my week.  Everyone in our class is peaceful and happy to be there...we work together rather than just worrying about ourselves.  The earthy music combined with awareness of our bodies makes it a harmonious experience.  I come out of this class motivated to learn more and do more in my life as well."  RC, grad student and human rights activist

"Learning how to bellydance is a vulnerable act, one that puts me in touch with my insecurities and strengths.  It is a powerful experience to be present with both of these during Hilary's class."  DT, natural foods chef and aromatherapist

"I have NEVER done dance of any kind, let alone a female group oriented practce - and this was the perfect introduction for me. So fun, good spirited, nurturing and paced well. I felt I received mega doses of instruction and learned much more than I thought! This is a beautiful art form - and a spiritual one as well."

"Because this is so new to me, I appreciate the easygoing and joyful instruction. In time I know I can get the detail or move but it is the feel that makes me want to come back for more."

"I like Hilary's acceptance of me as a student, the very attentive, present instruction, music variety, and the costuming lessons." -Lara

"Hilary's class brings out the beauty in each and every woman. It is an honor to participate and be present in such a welcoming, fun and empowering environment. Thank you Hilary!" -Pam

“I didn't have any prior dance experience of any kind, but Hilary is warm, welcoming and so encouraging in her instruction - it's perfect for beginners.  It's a surprisingly good workout, gently using muscles you've forgotten you had.  And I loved learning about the music and history of tribal dance.”  -Mary Ellen

“I Love Hilary's class! Being my first time taking a tribal dancing  class, I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I leave Hilary's class, not discouraged. Hilary keeps the class challenging while being able to work with us individually to be sure our posture and moves are correct. I really appreciate the time she spends with each question.  My favorite part is her "specials" as I'll call them. We get to do free-form dancing with our arms, or just walking across the room with a "hear me roar" attitude. I leave her class feeling happy and free and knowing I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  Thank you Hilary.” – Dawn

“If you are reading this, you are likely contemplating taking Hilary’s belly dance classes.  All I can say is, do it.    I made a decision to listen to my inner Goddess, and being able to express my femininity through belly dance has been wonderful.  It overflows into all areas of my life.   Hilary helps me to unleash my inner goddess, and re-claim my femininity, through her teaching of this dance.   No matter what your body shape, size, or age, with her loving guidance and knowledge of belly dance, she can likely do that for you as well.   Her classes are very interactive and fun and you might even forget you are getting exercise while learning this beautiful dance.” - Joyce

"Hilary's work addresses some of the core problems of our culture -- the lack of a healthy, positive connection to the body, the separation between external and internal well-being. Instead of "punishing" ourselves to improve our health, the tribal dance style she teaches helps women to know and love themselves while enjoying the health benefits of dance. Besides -- tribal belly dance is FUN!" - Tamara