About Hilary Giovale,

Interdisciplinary Creatrix

Hilary GiovaleWhen I attended my first bellydance class in 2003, I had a feeling this artform was going to become a life-altering path for me.


In 2006, I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Masters degree in Sustainability.  My thesis focused on qualitative research with undergraduate women and Tribal Style Bellydance.  The research showed that women correlate this dance with higher confidence, self-esteem, happiness, and better body image.

This academic research and writing inspired ongoing explorations: How can Tribal Style Bellydance can be used as a force for tranformation, healing and empowerment?  How can it cross-pollinate other social, spiritual, and environmental movements to increase their potency?


My dance training began with ballet throughout childhood and continues with various forms of dance in adulthood.  In 2007, I earned a teaching certification with Gypsy Caravan in Portland, Oregon. I completed Teacher Training 2 in 2008 and Teacher Training 3 in 2010. During the years of 2007-2013 I was certified in Collective Soul 1-6 with Gypsy Caravan. I danced with Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, a group of dancers from around the world from 2011-2013. In 2013 I was certified as a Master Teacher with Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International.

Additional trainings I've completed include Symposium Facilitator training with The Pachamama Alliance, Cultivating Women's Leadership and CoMadres with Bioneers, Fundraising from the Heart with Soul of Money Institute, Trauma Methodologies with Tewa Women United, Indigenous spirituality experiences with The Pachamama Alliance, Arkan Lushwala and Pat McCabe, and Earthing the Moon with Tree Sisters.  I am currently enrolled in the Circle for All Life with Mother Earth Restoration Trust, We Will Dance with Mountains, led by Bayo Akomolafe, and the Song Carriers Apprenticeship with Madi Sato.  These experiences continue expanding the spectrum of my Interdisciplinary Creatrix-hood.


Since 2006 I've been teaching Tribal Style Bellydance. I consider it sacred work to share this embodied practice with students as a catalyst for transformation.  I am privileged to serve as Creative Director for Maeve Rising Dance Collective, a sisterhood that has included many dancers since 2010 and currently includes 4 dancers.

Presently, from the seat of intuitive listening, I'm learning to integrate the elements of my work by combining my passion for collective human transformation, peace, sustainability, social and environmental justice with the power of relationship and circles. My social profit and humanitarian interests are now informing my dance as I focus on healing and releasing historical trauma through movement and embodiment. Collaborating with partners in the Healing with Earth and Sky Project and The Art of Feminine Transformation is birthing insight and inspiration. Continuing education and partnership with Indigenous leaders is creating powerful inquiry into personal and collective de-colonization. I recently co-directed and produced three short films on indigenous lifeways and social justice.  I serve on the Board of Directors for GeoFamily Foundation and Hero Women Rising, as a community organizer for One Billion Rising, and a member of Indigenous Circle of Flagstaff.

I can be reached at contact@bellyroles.com.